Rooting & Unifying Energy

Based on the Yang Family Tai Chi training system we will work on the Rooting and the Unifying Energy process to be able to balance and unify soft and hard expressions of energy. We’ll check the tools and clear the training progression to work on your energy and the core structural elements to be able to transform softness into hardness and be able to express it into one single explosive motion (fajin techniques).

This course was designed to attend from the beginner to the experienced practitioner. This is not a course about hand forms or sequence of movements. This course is about practice methods, techniques and exercises you need to be able to Root and Unify the Energy.

Price: US$99 (the price may vary due to the dolar rate. Original price in brazilian currency )

12 lessons in English

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How to Unify Energy

To understand Tai Chi (Taiji) theory we study energy balance. This way, we have to deal with both parts of energy expression: yin and yang, or in other words soft and hard (full and empty and also storage and release). There is a training method that helps us to understand how yin and yang can be separate but can also be coordinated to be unified. From a starting point of reaching softness we become able to coordinate the body parts and reach the energy flow, unifying it into one single point and expressing hardness.

First, we will explore how to achieve softness through relaxation and its benefits. Then we will study middle body flexibility and coordination, and finally we will study rooting and unifying energy – soft into hard.

Price: US$60

6 lessons in English

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How to improve your skills:

Methods and techniques with a focus on Section 1 of the Yang Family Traditional

Hand Form


Yang Family Tai Chi is a very sophisticated art that combines philosophy, chinese culture and medicine and martial art. To talk about it can be easy, but to perform maybe not. The ancestors showed us the way and all we need to do is walk it. Even though we might be able to know the sequence and the name of the postures, many of us still struggle to perform the energy and the spirit properly.

The intent of this course is to provide the tools and clear the way to practice developing the tai chi skills. This is not a Form course, but we need the postures of the Form to develop some skills through the methods and techniques. This course will focus on the first section of the traditional hand form 103 to work on your tai chi skills.

Price: US$195

17 lessons in English

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